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damn, intelligence is such a turn on. like wow, people who know a lot about so many different places and so many different things. and they’ve always got something to tell you or show you about something new that they’re interested in, and like, somehow they can blow your mind over and over. damn. such a turn on.



the science building in my university has PERIODIC TABLES

George Mason University

I love how pretty notes come out when you’re studying anatomy.

Hi Guys!
This is part 1 of my “How should I study?!?” posts. A post like this was requested.
   Stuff you need
exercise book, binder, etc.  → your notes
pens, markers
eraser, ruler, hole puncher
a binder/notebook where you rewrite your notes in
    How I study
I make a little study schedule and I write down what I have to do
I take out the stuff I need
I start to rewrite all my important (!) notes and things out of the textbook
I mark everything in special colours
I read everything several times
I write texts etc. (for German, English etc.) and I do exercises (for Math, Grammer etc.)
The evening before the test or exam I make flashcards with abbreviated information/voc/etc.
For vocabulary test I like to use apps like AnkiDroid (more listed below)
   Study Techniques
Pomodoro Technique
Feynman Technique
Cornell Method (Notetaking)
Study Method 1
College Study Techniques
Loci Method
Study Techniques
Note Taking Techniques
   Study Apps 
(I use Android so I don´t know if these apps are avaliable for IOS)
Kingsoft Office
Vocabulary Trainer
Flux Cards
PONS Dictionary
My Binder
Sounds for studying
It´s focus time
Get Shit Done!
In the next post: Study Tips, Organization Apps, Motivation. Please message me if a link isn´t working or if you have a question.

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