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the science building in my university has PERIODIC TABLES

George Mason University

I love how pretty notes come out when you’re studying anatomy.

Hi Guys!
This is part 1 of my “How should I study?!?” posts. A post like this was requested.
   Stuff you need
exercise book, binder, etc.  → your notes
pens, markers
eraser, ruler, hole puncher
a binder/notebook where you rewrite your notes in
    How I study
I make a little study schedule and I write down what I have to do
I take out the stuff I need
I start to rewrite all my important (!) notes and things out of the textbook
I mark everything in special colours
I read everything several times
I write texts etc. (for German, English etc.) and I do exercises (for Math, Grammer etc.)
The evening before the test or exam I make flashcards with abbreviated information/voc/etc.
For vocabulary test I like to use apps like AnkiDroid (more listed below)
   Study Techniques
Pomodoro Technique
Feynman Technique
Cornell Method (Notetaking)
Study Method 1
College Study Techniques
Loci Method
Study Techniques
Note Taking Techniques
   Study Apps 
(I use Android so I don´t know if these apps are avaliable for IOS)
Kingsoft Office
Vocabulary Trainer
Flux Cards
PONS Dictionary
My Binder
Sounds for studying
It´s focus time
Get Shit Done!
In the next post: Study Tips, Organization Apps, Motivation. Please message me if a link isn´t working or if you have a question.

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I think there are some really helpful videos on Youtube so here are some:
Study Area Organization
School Tips: Notes
School Supplies + Study Tips
How I set up my Bullet Jounal
Memory Techniques 
Concentration Tips
Taking Notes and Studying
How to Study for a Test
How to Manage Your Time Better
How to Stay Organized/Motivated for School
My Successful Study Tips
How To Get Straight As
Be Mentally Strong
How to Stop Procrastination
If you know other helpful Youtube Videos for students or if a link isn´t working please message me!